Mr. Young, Brighton

All work completed to high standard, on shedule. We are very pleased with the installation.

Flat roof Solar pv


S.I.A.N., Seaford

“Helmut Teichert is a German engineer specially trained in solar energy” – the Suntrader website sums it up. My experience with the installation of a solar hot water system two years ago and this year’s PV panelling is that he is a scrupulously honest person – he recommended against PV for me before Feed-in Tariffs – and that no other installer I have consulted on either PV or solar water systems is even half as knowledgeable or experienced: he answered all my questions and supplied me with information that I did not know I needed. His follow-up care for solar water heating has been excellent. I cannot recommend him enough!”

Suntrader testimonials Reviews

Solar Pv And Thermal

Hyder, Crowborough

Very pleased with the work and efficient way it was installed.

Armstrong, Ringmer

Excellent service – very efficient.



Dr. Sales, Brighton

Excellent service, very helpful with obtaining grants, highest standard of installation. Would recommend to any one interested in solar energy.

Dariey, London

Excellent service, very friendly, flexible and knowledgeable.

Henderson, Hove

Fast, knowledgeable, friendly, competent and helpful. Thank you very much.


Flat roof installation

Dr. Brett. Seaford

I was initially apprehensive on meeting Helmut, largely because a year previously. I had a new water heater fitted by a high profile and very expensive company which departed leaving eleven leaks which flooded my kitchen and lounge. However , during Helmut’s survey and the following discussions and explanations, it became obvious that he was concerned about me the customer and my needs.
On the first of the two days of installation, a rapport was established between Helmut and Jan, and me, they often asking for my preferences where decisions had to be made, and which would effect my subsequent living. This attitude of course for my needs result in my doing all I could to facilitate their work, and make them comfortable during installations.
The result is I think, from both Helmut’s point of view, and my own as a Quality Assurance engineer, an installation well done, and leaving both parties happy.

Solar Hot Water

Solar Thermal Seaford

 A. Jones, Brighton.

“They have been really clear, succinct and efficient and I’m very pleased with how well the system works.

J. Nieman

“The best diagram I have ever seen to explain simply something very complex”

Mr. S. Candler

“Excellent Installation. Helmut clearly has lots of experience and technically knows the system inside out. As an engineer my self, a pleasure to work with.”

J. & N. White, Seaford, East Sussex

“Last year we decided to combine the required replacement of our cold and hot water tanks with the installation of a solar power system and, following some research, chose Suntrader to carry out both. We have never looked back: even in spring and autumn periods we have not had to switch back to gas as the solar energy available was sufficient to supply all our hot water – for baths, showers, washing machine and dish washer! As a family of four, this has saved us a tremendous amount of money, and we are proud to use an eco-friendly supply of energy. We found that even on cloudy days some energy was generated and converted – it’s brilliant. Suntrader engineers were extremely efficient, their advice was spot-on and they carried out the work to the highest of standards within the timescale they had set out. We are really happy with our choice, and can only recommend Suntrader and solar power to others!”

Solar Thermal

Vacuum Tubes

A. Gowar, Chaldon, Surrey

“The initial visit by Suntrader was informative and helpful; a thorough inspection was made looking for difficulties – there were none. The office in Brighton helpfully guided me in claiming the Government grant, and made the form filling easy. The Solar power Installation was clean and no trouble, but best of all I haven’t used any power to heat the water for three months. With soaring fuel prices I’m very glad I’ve had solar panels fitted, and several friends are thinking of doing so too.”

G. MacKenzie, Lewes, East Sussex.

“The description was completely accurate and the installation was impeccable. We are very pleased with the results.”

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