Twin Solar

Twinsolar Collector

The collector does not only operate in ideal weather conditions. Even when it is overcast, Twinsolar works well and conducts warm air into the building. The collector is not connected to the main electricity as it contains an inbuilt photovoltaic cell which provides the ventilator with electricity pushing out the warm air into the rooms.

At maximum solar radiation the temperature rises up to 40% w/sq m. The maximum intensity of solar radiation amounts to 1,000 watts per square metre of the collector surface – regardless of the season.

In full sunlight 70% of the solar power is converted into thermal energy that is transferred into your building. This top rate performance is particularly achieved on cold and cloudless winter days. The intensity of radiation, particularly at low temperatures in-between seasons, is not much less than in the summer. So conditions for Twinsolar during those periods are ideal.

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