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Director Helmut Teichert is a German engineer specially trained in solar energy. Before settling in England he worked for seven years for a German solar company where he was continuously sent on courses to expand his knowledge in this area.

Suntrader Solar PV

Solar PV (photovoltaic) uses energy from the sun to create electricity to run appliances and lighting. PV systems work on daylight, and even more efficiently with direct sunlight, to generate electricity.

Suntrader Solar Thermal and Swimming Pools

Solar thermal uses the radiation from the sun and transforms it into heat. Suntrader offers a range of different solar thermal systems for your home

Export Tariff

The new Export Tariff rewards you only for the electricity which you feed back into the grid. Please check with your electricity provider on availability and rate of the export tariff as not all providers offer this facility.
In the UK we receive vast amounts of solar energy with the average amount of energy received in a year being as much as 60% of that received on the equator. This radiation is similar to the output of 1,000 power stations. A solar heating system saves energy, reduces utility costs, and produces clean energy. Furthermore the efficiency and reliability of solar heating systems have increased dramatically, making them attractive options in the home or business. Using the Sun’s energy reduces our consumption of conventional fuel and helps to reduce the emission of harmful greenhouse gases. Suntrader Solar Energy can offer a range of high quality products, which enable us to use the sun’s energy very effectively with experienced installers to ensure your system is installed efficiently. Suntrader Solar based in Brighton. We offer Solar PV (electric) and Solar Thermal.
Suntrader is fully MCS and REA accredited Suntrader officially accredited under Brighton and Hove Solar Scheme. Low Carbon Buildings Programme – The only national scheme available Solar for London – The official grant giving body for the London Boroughs Brighton and Hove Energy Action Partnership Renewable Energy Grant Lewes Council Grant Scheme all local schemes which use accredited installers from LCBP Call 01273 550225 for more details. What rating is your house? If selling your home after June 2007 the government-directed ‘Home Information Pack’ will need to include an energy performance certificate (EPC) rating your home for environmental impact and energy efficiency. A solar system will contribute towards a higher rating from the energy inspectors.